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Paradise Palms Lakewood Ranch is proud to be Lakewood Ranch's top rated landscaping company. We firmly believe in honest landscape work and delivering the right landscaping for the customer. Our mission is simple, to exceed our customers' landscape expectations from the initial vision to the design, installation and ultimately creating the perfect outdoor space. Our commitment to excellence has allowed Paradise Palms to cultivate long lasting relationships with clients and countless recommendations, reviews, and a stellar reputation as Lakewood Ranch's best landscape company. Lakewood Ranch is a special place with great people, we are so proud to live and work in this community.

Blue Flame Agave Palm garden plants lakewood ranch

Blue Flame Agave

False Agave Lakewood Ranch

False Agave

Mangave lakewood ranch


Foxtail Agave lakewood ranch

Foxtail Agave

Blue Flame annuals Palm garden plants lakewood ranch

Blue Flame annuals

False annuals Lakewood Ranch

False annuals

Mangave lakewood ranch


Foxtail annuals lakewood ranch

Foxtail annuals

geraniums lakewood ranch